Directors & Management 

Board of Directors

  • Robert Freeman‚ Chair

  • Shirley A. Stewart-Tibbs, Vice Chair

  • Charles Mbonu‚ Treasurer

  • Diane Atkins‚ Secretary

  • Azalea O. Albritton‚ Director

  • Rose Hood‚ Director

  • Pamela Metts‚ Director

Supervisory Committee

  • Janice Oloto‚ Chair

  • Shakuntla Singla‚ Committee Member


  • Stephanie Covington‚ President/CEO

  • Marcia Dixon‚ Director of Growth Initiatives

  • Carla Baker‚ Director of Finance and Operations

If you have questions‚ comments or concerns about your account or the credit union’s operations‚ you should first contact the credit union directly. However‚ in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the response‚ you can appeal the matter to the Supervisory Committee which will conduct an additional‚ independent review. For direct‚ confidential access‚ members may write to: GPOFCU Supervisory Committee‚ PO Box 1381‚ Washington‚ DC 20013-1381‚ or email: